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Hi All,

As you may have noticed, I have stopped posting on this personal fashion blog for some time now. With the oversaturation of the personal fashion blog niche, I no longer felt like I had anything of value to contribute to the digital realm. Plus as I grew older, I felt silly posting daily shots of myself wearing heels and prancing around the streets.

I have started a new venture with a fashion photographer and a fashion designer- a new digital magazine aimed at providing professional females in every industry ideas on what to wear to work. It will range from editorials following a work week in the life of an inspiring, stylish female to outfit collages adapting runway trends into office-appropriate attire to Q and A on what to wear to an interview.

The website is yet to be launched but please keep in touch via our FB page and our twitter page. (Edit: The Professional Style Digital Magazine is now out!) 

Will I keep up this personal fashion blog? The answer is unknown to me. I will keep the site up until I decide the answer to that question. At the moment I am directing my creative energy towards something that I perceive to be way more useful to the general public than my personal style.

If you  are or know of a professional, inspiring, and stylish female living in the NYC area that you would love to see featured please email me at If you are a make-up artist, stylist, hairstylist, photographer, or general fashion enthusiast interested in contributing to our new venture, please contact me as well.

Thanks for reading, 


EDIT: After much debate and a few readers' emails/comments on my social media channels, I have decided to resurrect this blog... but this time around, I want to keep blogging for ME, and not for anyone else. I hope you'll enjoy this new direction.

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  1. I'm glad you're forward in your career and wish you the best of luck! Could you give us one more update about how your grad school studies are proceeding (i.e. What you like the most? Did you have any regrets? How is the course load? etc.)
    P.S. So you don't wear heel and prance around anymore?

    1. HI!
      I might still post on here. It is TBD.

      Law school- I think I like it a lot. I like being challenge to think in a totally different way...and the course load is about the same as chemical engineering (sorry if that doesn't help haha).

      For anyone that is considering law school I would advise them to really try to get into a T14 school. I love love my school (for the professors and students) but I honestly think for job prospects if it wasn't for the fact that I had a biotech background I wouldn't have landed a law firm job so easily coming out of my school. Patent is totally more focused on hiring based on pre-law school qualifications than law school ones, so I got lucky.

      Regrets? Not really. I did take a big risk to go to a lesser ranked school just for the full ride but it worked out in the end only because I got the job I wanted. I love my neighborhood, I love my school, I love my classes.

      As for heels- I still wear them! It is just usually 2-3 inch ones instead of my past 4-5 inch ones. Hard to wear high heels all the time when I'm walking around so much. I walk at least 2-3 miles in a day...and sometimes more like 4-5 miles without trying.

      I am thinking of keeping this blog because it's more of a personal perspective..but it might just be more personal posts than fashion posts!

  2. Wow this is awesome! I am glad that you feel that you have outgrown it, it shows that its for passion rather than success, power, fame etc. Good luck on your new venture! I am sure you will do very well!